Volume VIIII - 1955  
Bouboulidis F. Κ.  The original of Zeno Greek more PDF
Zois L.  Cretan Pages Greek more PDF
Morgan Gareth  The Canea earthquake of 1595 English more PDF
Alexiou L. The Canea earthquake of 1595 Greek more PDF
Platakis The history of botanical research in Crete from the Renaissance to the present day Greek more PDF
Miles G. A recent find of coins of the Amirs of Crete English more PDF
Cook J. M.  Clay model of a Mycenaean litter Greek more PDF
Alexakis Ι. S.  A tax document of 1860 Greek more PDF
Mertzios Κ. D.  The will of a Cretan painter dated 1546 Greek more PDF
Zambetakis E.  Contribution du Monastère du Prophète Elie (Roustika - Crète) aux insurrections crétoises du XIXe siècle French more PDF
Stavrinides Ν. Contribution to the history of Sphakia (1645-1770) Greek more PDF
Doulgerakis E. Ι.  The Cretan popular Song of Susanna Greek more PDF
Spanakis S. The will of Andreas Kornaros  Italian more PDF
Laourdas V. Cretan Palaeography. 19. Cretan documents in the monasteries of Mount Athos Greek more PDF
Panagiotakis Ν. Μ.  Podotas-Apodotis, Corrections to an excerpt of Erotokritos Greek more PDF
Aposkitou Μ.  Notes on the Creto-Peloponnesian dialect Greek more PDF
Zois L.  A church and monastery in Zakynthos, a dependency of the Monastery of St Catherine on the Holy Mount Sinai Greek more PDF
Alexiou S.  G. Megas: He thysia tou Avraam (The Sacrifice of Abraham), revised critical edition, Athens 1954 Greek more PDF
Xydis Α. G. Book review notes on Theotokopoulos III Greek more PDF
Parlamas Μ. G.  †Eumenios Fanourakis, Bishop of Lambi and Sphakia Greek more PDF
 Report on the transactions of the Board of Governors of the Society of Cretan Historical Studies for 1955 Greek more PDF
Platon N. Archaeological activity in Crete in 1955 Greek more PDF

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