Volume VIII - 1954  
Tsatsaronaki K.  A report on atrocities in 1866 Greek more PDF
Mango C. Some remarks on the Song of Daskaloyiannis French more PDF
Manousakas M. I. Two unknown works by Gerasimos Vlachos in an Athonite codex Greek more PDF
Morgan Gareth  Three Cretan Manuscripts English more PDF
Zois L.  Cretan pages Greek more PDF
Alexiou S.  Cretan literature and its era Greek more PDF
M. I. Manousakas – O. Parlangeli An unknown Cretan Mystery of the Passion of Christ Greek more PDF
Alexiou S.  Observations on Cretan theatre Greek more PDF
 A supplement to the bibliography of Ioannis Kalitsounakis Greek more PDF
Parlamas Μ. G.  The Ledger of the General Command of the Eastern districts of Crete in the 1878 revolution Greek more PDF
Tsatsaronaki K.  Unpublished patriarchal sigils of the monasteries of Arsani and Chalevi, Rethymnon Greek more PDF
Fanourakis Ε.  Two patriarchal letters to Metropolitan Meletios Kavasilas Greek more PDF
Zois L.  Cretan pages Greek more PDF
Petropoulos D. C The songs of Daskaloyiannis Greek more PDF
Alexiou S.  Philological observations on Cretan texts Greek more PDF
Parlamas M. G.  Misadventures of the place name Heraklion Greek more PDF
Mertzios Κ. D.  Cretan Archers Greek more PDF
Manousakas M. I. Lacunae in the Cretan comedy Stathis Greek more PDF
Konstantinides K.G.  Reports and memoranda from the correspondence of the French Consulate of Crete French more PDF
Sifakis G. M Markos Mousouros the Cretan’s poem to Plato Greek more PDF
Kalokyris K. D.  Byzantine wall-painting of the island of Crete French more PDF
Alexiou S.  A Late Minoan tomb at Pachyammos Greek more PDF
Zambetakis E.Ε. The impact of the holocaust of Arkadi on world opinion  French more PDF
Platon N. Minoan domestic shrines  Greek more PDF
Laourdas V. Cretan archers Greek more PDF
Alexiou L A fair representation of events Greek more PDF
Platon N. M. Ventris – J. Chadwick, Evidence for Greek Dialect in the Mycenaean Archives, "Journal of Hellenic Studies" LXXIII (1953), pp. 84-103 – John Chadwick, Greek Records in the Minoan Script, "Antiquity" Νο 108 Dec. 1953, p. 193 ss. – Mich. Ventris, A Note on Decipherment Methods, ibid. p. 200 ss. – Mich. Ventris, King’s Nestor Four-handled Cups, Greek Inventories in the Minoan Script, "Archaeology" Spring 1954 – Carl Blegen, An Inscribed Tablet from Pylos, “Archaeologike Ephemeris”, volume dedicated to G. Oikonomou, pp. 59-62 Greek more PDF
Xydis Α. G. Book review notes on Theotokopoulos II Greek more PDF
Laourdas V. Publications of the Society for Macedonian Studies. Macedonian Library. Historical Archives of Macedonia, edited by Ioannis K. Vasdravellis. I. The Thessaloniki Archive (1695-1912), Thessaloniki 1952, oct., pp. 576. B. The Veroia and Naoussa Archive (1598-1886), Thessaloniki 1954, oct., pp. 407 Greek more PDF
Xenaki Sakellariou A Fernand Chapouthier Greek more PDF
 The Society of Cretan Historical Studies Greek more PDF
Platon N. Archaeological activity in Crete in 1954 Greek more PDF

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