Volume IV - 1950  
Cavarnos J. P.  Unpublished poems of Andreas Sklegios Greek more PDF
Drandakis N. V.  Information on the schools of Rethymnon during the second quarter of the 19th century Greek more PDF
Fanourakis Ε.  Unpublished ecclesiastical documents from the period of Turkish rule, deposited in Heraklion Museum. IV. Various other documents. 1. From various people to the Metropolitan of Crete Greek more PDF
Stamiris G. Α.  Observations on Cretan Early Christian inscriptions Greek more PDF
Christou P. K Two encomia of the Ten Holy Martyrs Greek more PDF
Laourdas V. The encomia of Theodoros and Gerasimos Palladas and other supplementary observations on the Ten Saints of Crete Greek more PDF
Xenaki Α. Weapons and tools in the Giamalakis Collection Greek more PDF
Levi D.  Crete and Corinth, or archaeology and the exact sciences Greek more PDF
Marinatos S. On the myth of Atlantis Greek more PDF
Fanourakis Ε.  Unpublished ecclesiastical documents from the period of Turkish rule, deposited in Heraklion Museum Greek more PDF
Laourdas V. Cretan Palaeography. 4. Harvard University Codex Riant 53 Greek more PDF
Laourdas V. Cretan Palaeography. 5. A false oration of Andreas of Crete Greek more PDF
Laourdas V. Cretan Palaeography. 6. Gortys and Michael Apostolis Greek more PDF
Laourdas V. Cretan Palaeography. 7. The scribe Michael Lygizos or tou Lyngeos Greek more PDF
Laourdas V. Cretan Palaeography. 8. The scribe Antonios Kalosynas Greek more PDF
Laourdas V. Cretan Palaeography. 9. Michael Apostolis’ Funerary Orations on Kalotaris and Galatinos Greek more PDF
Kalitsounakis I. Modern travellers and historians of Crete Greek more PDF
Bellinger L.  Cretan embroidery in the collection of the Textile Museum, Washington Greek more PDF
Sevcenko I.  Dogale pour Paul Contarini, Capitaine de Candie french more PDF
Christou P. K Historical information on Crete in St Paul’s Epistle to Titus Greek more PDF
Alexiou S.  Octopus depictions on Early Hellenic vases from Crete Greek more PDF
Spanakis S. The report by Duke of Crete Dolfin Venier  Italian more PDF
Platon N. More on the Byzantine walls of Chandax  Greek more PDF
Hatzidakis Μ.  Domenicos Theotocopoulos and Cretan painting Greek more PDF
Alexiou S.  A Protogeometric miniature shrine in the Giamalakis Collection Greek more PDF
Platakis Ε. Κ.  Earthquakes in Crete from antiquity to the present day Greek more PDF
Platon N. An addendum to the brief poem on the Cretan earthquake Greek more PDF
Guarducci M.  The earliest visitors to the Labyrinth of Gortys Greek more PDF
Parlamas Μ. G.  E. Kriaras, Katsaitis, Iphigeneia - Thyestes - Klathmos Peloponnesou. Unpublished works. A critical edition with introduction, notes and glossaries. Athens 1950 (Collection de l'Institut Français d'Athènes) Greek more PDF
Parlamas Μ. G.  J. D. S. Pendlebury, A Handbook to Knossos, with a preface by Sir Arthur Evans. Greek translation by N. Platon. Published by Andreas Kalokerinos. Heraklion 1950 Greek more PDF
Geanakoplos D. Joshua Starr, Jewish Life in Crete Under the Rule of Venice, Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research, vol. ΧΙΙ, 54pp. Greek more PDF
Platon N. Archaeological activity in Crete in 1950 Greek more PDF
Alexiou S.  The Giamalakis Collection in 1950 Greek more PDF

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