Volume XIII - 1959  
Kalokyris K. D.  The basilica in Byzantine Syvritos Greek more PDF
Tomadakis N.V.  Orthodox priests and ordination under Venetian role Greek more PDF
Manousakas M. I. An unknown source for Chortatsis’ Erofili: Tasso’s tragedy Il re Torrismondo Greek more PDF
Zambetakis E.  Unpublished diplomatic papers from the period prior to the 1866 revolution on Crete Greek more PDF
Lassithiotakis Κ.  Aghios Georgios Anydriotis Greek more PDF
Faure P.  Crete of the hundred cities Greek more PDF
Xydis Α. G. An unpublished life of Greco Greek more PDF
Panayiotides T.  Britomarti Greek more PDF
Spanakis S. A contribution to Cretan ecclesiastical history in the time of Venetian rule Greek more PDF
Alexiou S.  Cretan philology I. Methodological issues in Cretan literature Greek more PDF
Alexiou S.  Cretan philology II. Observations on Apokopos Greek more PDF
Morgan Gareth  English State Papers on the Siege of Candia English more PDF
Platon N. A contribution to the study of Minoan wall painting. II The libation fresco Greek more PDF
Alexiou S.  A new worship scene on a Minoan relief vessel Greek more PDF
Platon N. Georg Karo, Erinnerungen. Greifen am Thron, erschienen bei Bruno Grimm, Baden-Baden 1959. Σελίδες 131, εικόνες 75 Greek more PDF
Tomadakis N.V.  M. I. Manousakas, The Sifis Vlastos conspiracy on Crete (1453-1454) and the renewed conspiracy of 1460-1462. Athens 1960, octavo, 166 pp. (+6) + plates I – VI Greek more PDF
 Report on the transactions of the Board of Governors of the Society of Cretan Historical Studies for 1959 Greek more PDF
Platon N. Archaeological activity in Crete in 1959 Greek more PDF

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